Our History

Years ago as drones became more mainstream, there was an opportunity to gain insight where this emerging market was going. Quickly becoming intrigued by what was learned and investing in drones as an avenue for adventure. They were a hobby before they were a profession. Soon after, it dawned on me, this could be a business I loved that would collect data and package that data for a client in a way that would benefit their business operations and profit.

So here I am three years later, working for myself and my company, Three-Legged Crow. I want to be peoples trusted advisor, to help innovate and collaborate. To show clearly that using drones are safer, save time and save on the bottom line.

Our Core Values



There is no advancement without collaboration. All of us are made of strengths and weaknesses, everyone needs someone to help them overcome.


To be forthright in your actions, and plain in your intentions. No one wants to make an uninformed decision in business.


We are bringing new ideas and new solutions to the market. Nothing advances from the mindset of "Well do it the way we always have".


More than merely generating wealth, we take profit to mean the advancement and benefit to everyone we do business with.

About Alex

Alex Riefenstahl first started his journey to becoming a drone pilot early in 2017 when talking with family members who were consulting entrepreneurs working in the market. With all puns intended it was clear that the drone service market was taking off, and Alex wanted to be a part of that industry.

In order to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective pilot and data collection expert Alex started small, with toys. These first drones had none of the more advanced features of drones made for work, but because of that, the skills needed to do precision fly were honed in. Skills were applied to the real world, lessons were learned. Now fast forward to today and Alex is the founder and chief pilot of Three Legged Crow. Serving Texas and beyond with full spectrum of commercial drone services.


Three-Legged Crow has worked with us on numerous projects with both our residential and commercial divisions. From marketing content to multi-family inspections to commercial drone thermography. Every request discussed, every challenge was met with a can-do attitude, and every time an awesome outcome. Will absolutely use their services again.

Danny AhlersOwner Ahlers Roofing & Construction

I hired Three-Legged Crow on a referral and never regretted it. They helped my company capture great content for a big commercial roof project and then again for a multimillion-dollar home. The process was well communicated, and my company got what it needed.

Sam KarimPioneer Roofing

We worked with Alex and Three-Legged Crow over the course of several months with Whiting-Turner Construction and the Fort Worth Zoo on its park wide renovation project. All the data collection was done with excellent communication and professionalism. Giving our client the precision construction mapping they needed, with great video project updates that made us look great too.

SPS Roofing

The first time I worked with Alex and Three-Legged Crow was while we both were consulting a startup drone company out of Fort Worth. We have had the pleasure of working on several projects, including some multi-drone operations where planning, coordination and timing were just as important as flying skills. Professional and adaptive Three-Legged Crow is now a strategic partner of Attwood Aerial.

Chase AttwoodOwner Attwood Aerial

We hired Three-Legged Crow to create a time-lapse marketing piece for our company while we worked on a million-dollar home in Southlake. It was a big project for Shield Roofing, and we had not tried something like this before. Alex worked with us, guiding the process along, getting amazing content and a fantastic, finished result.

Patrick JohnsonOwner Shield Roofing